Our contribution to the environment


We are aware that our quarries are essential for the survival of fauna and flora and therefore only a temporary loan from nature. That is why we quarry as carefully and economically as possible.

At Zeidler & Wimmel, stonemasonry processing is performed as energy-efficiently as possible. Compared to other building materials the energy required in the production process is minimal. Natural stone contains no environmentally damaging substances and is not treated with any additives; the surfaces and edges are worked mechanically. The water needed for the blank is processed in-house and fed back into the production cycle. The remaining natural stone material can be processed into gravel. All quarries are recultivated after closure. Thus, a useful natural cycle is complete.



Natural stone - known for its durability as a building material

Natural stone façades are durable, do not diminish in value and are virtually maintenance-free. Studies have shown that buildings clad in natural stone maintain an excellent temperature balance with their surroundings. One of the positive effects of maintaining a healthy indoor room climate is that considerable energy savings can be achieved. Natural stone is also environmentally sound and a truly low-budget material with respect to the many possibilities it offers for re-use after a building has been dismantled. Many of the buildings in which Zeidler & Wimmel have used natural stone have been officially recognised as “green” buildings and received the seal of sustainability by the German Association for Sustainable Building (DGNB).